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Enrichment Subjects

Foreign Language
We are fortunate enough to have wonderful teachers who teach the children Japanese and Spanish as a part of the weekly curriculum.

Sign Language
An important part of the daily curriculum.

Music Appreciation and Musik Garden
Music appreciation is a vital part of our curriculum. The children learn a true love for music while exploring different instruments and songs. Our kindergarten children receive recorder lessons as part of their curriculum.

Creative Dramatics & Music
Incorporated into daily activities.

Art Appreciation and Instruction
Art is introduced through hands on activities with multi media, to encourage creativity and self-expression. Emphasis is placed on the process rather than the product. Different artists are studied each month.  

Brain Games
Brain games are practices daily. This form of exercise helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The results in the children is truly remarkable - balancing the two hemispheres of the brain all while having fun!!!

Second Step Violence Prevention
This curriculum is implemented at the beginning of the year after the children have settled into the school routine. This is a social curriculum that concentrates on feelings and problem solving skills.

Field Trips & Cooking Projects
These exciting adventures are done throughout the year.

After-school Programs
 Yoga and Brain Games are offered as after-school programs each week.