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About Us

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Harbour Pointe Montessori School to provide a stimulating, respectful and harmonious environment based upon the teaching philosophy of Maria Montessori. It is our goal that your child’s time at HPMS is filled with joy and the excitement of learning. We strive to create a safe, nurturing environment, which allows the children to grow as their individual development dictates.

HPMS School Goals

Our Goal at Harbour Pointe Montessori School is to offer the highest quality program, classroom environment and teaching staff to accommodate the needs of young children. We strive to facilitate the growth of the child’s, emotional, intellectual, social, physical and spiritual development.


Emotional Growth

Through a loving and nurturing environment, we strive to help the children internally recognize the interconnectivity of school and home. This foundation surrounds the child with a support system that allows for acceptance of themselves and others, while assisting in their personal emotional growth.


Intellectual Development

Our Montessori classrooms provide a stimulating, calm, safe environment, where the children develop a love of learning. We provide opportunities for cooperative and independent learning experiences, while promoting higher levels of thinking at each child’s unique developmental level.


Social Growth

As the children grow it is our goal to help each child develop a mutual respect for others. Through open communication the children learn to solve problems, while gaining a sense of responsibility and accountability for their own actions. This fosters responsible, cooperative behavior, which we believe is the foundation for future social interactions.


Physical Development

The Practical Life area of our classrooms develops skills for care and respect of the body. Through these activities the children develop fine and gross motor skills. We also utilize the newest information which shows the correlation of physical activity and brain development. Our outdoor environment also introduces the children to various activities, which allow for each child’s physical growth.


Spiritual Awareness

Through a reverence for life, we hope to help the children become aware of the Earth, nature and their place in it. Our curriculum teaches virtues and values such as compassion for others, honesty, and kindness. This emphasis on global awareness and the encouragement of virtues and values is a true Montessori tradition.

Our staff at Harbour Pointe Montessori School recognize that the years prior to the age of six are a crucial time in a child’s development. Children in these early years have an extraordinary power of the mind. They have a once-in-a-lifetime ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings simply by living. They take in everything in their environment, their physical space, the adults and children. It is with this awareness that we create a positive nurturing environment for the children that is one of wonder, discovery, and exploration. Our philosophy is to recognize each child as a unique individual, fostering within them a respect for themselves and others. We believe that the foundation we provide at HPMS will foster a love of learning and an introduction to the wonders of our World.